Roller Specialists

Refurbishment of precision rollers for printing and packaging machinery and any other precision rollers such as used on any machinery producing sheet product. Also the refurbishment of hydraulic rams, spears, metal crusher shafts and any precision cylindrical components for heavy industry. Hunkin Engineering also has a large precision cylindrical grinding machine which specialises in this field.

Our Roll Grinder has air wheelhead bearing and roll cambering facilities. With a weight of over 20 tons, it is around three times the weight of crankshaft or cylindrical grinders. This gives it the inherent strength and rigidity to meet the most exacting tolerances.

Our Machinery Capabilities Include:

  • A large Churchill Model DF roll grinder with a job capacity of 3tons, 610mm in diameter and 3.660 metres in length.
  • HMT G22 Cylindrical Grinder
  • A large lathe which has been modified to specialize in Rubber Roller Grinding and specialized grooving of rubber rollers and steel to provide Fluting, Herringbone and Cross Hatch patterns. Over the years many new rollers have been manufactured for customers who appreciate a one stop shop for their roller work. The work produced is of the highest quality and has sometimes included rectifying inaccuracies in brand new rollers imported from overseas.
  • A Super Finishing process to provide finishes up to a mirror finish.
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